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About us


Queensland University (UQ) is a Christian University institution established in Haiti since 1996. It provides high quality training to young Haitians to prepare for the future tomorrow. In collaboration with the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE), www.qcfhaiti.org , it presents itself as a real parcel of knowledge and skill transfer between North and South. Since the year 1996, Queensland University (UQ) has presented itself as the flagship of the LMD system in Haiti.

About Queensland University (UQ)

The priority of our University is to give our students the best education possible with Judeo Christian values. We offer the opportunity for Haitians in general and the citizens of the Republic of Haiti in particular, to obtain a high-level university education and international tradition "Liberal Arts" respecting the realities of Haiti in a global context. Our goal at Queensland University (UQ) is to provide an uncompromising education that is the key to the future. We want our students to graduate for a new world, a future in which they have good jobs, a stable standard of living, and a world of opportunity. We would like all our students to study abroad or find good jobs in a growing economy in Haiti. Presumably, they are also prepared to create wealth in Haiti's growing economies and multiple opportunities for those who are savvy. To do this, UQ-Haiti students are encouraged to maintain a balance between personal and / or directed research, theory and practice in order to develop their managerial leadership skills. We are pioneers of the Bachelor's Degree in PhD in Haiti (L-4M-2D-2). Many of our students have part-time jobs and are sought after by companies in Haiti and the Caribbean who know that Queensland University (UQ) students are talented, well-trained and capable employees. As a result, many of our students work during the academic year at either the morning or evening internships, often for foreign-based companies who appreciate the skills they find in the product Queensland University (UQ). This gives our students an inescapable competence in scientific research based on a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge they receive from their university studies in order to guarantee a professional training in this extremely competitive new world. Our main goal is to give hope in Haiti and Haitians on our sphere of influence. Fondamentum Christus. Christ is our foundation.